Troubled Oceans

by Troubled Oceans

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Songs composed, recorded & produced by Troubled Oceans.


released February 25, 2015

Recorded and mixed by Ruan Graaff @ Armadillo Studio

"Bittersweet love" mastered by Ruan Graaff @ Armadillo Studios



all rights reserved


Ruan Graaff South Africa

New track added that I produced for a folk band called Man The Fields. Go to the "Songs I Produced" album to listen.

Thanks for visiting my page :)

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Track Name: Let Myself Go
"Sunny days thinking bout you
I remember those late nights with you
Skies so blue and you're here with me
All the trouble we put ourselves through

When troubled comes
And you betcha it will
Fuel to a fire
Is what you are for me

Let me struggle babe lets see if you care
Love like we're older and our time could be near
We could grow older babe if we would just dare
If I could let myself go

All there is
You're all that there is left for me here
Fear walks beside me
Theres no time left for enemies dear."
Track Name: Lovestruck

I juggle words back and forth around in my head
Coz iv been Trying to think of ways to keep ya
Trying To make you stay

dreamed bout you the other night
i think you we leaving me, oh yeah
Its all coming back to me now

Im love struck
Ran out of luck
A long time ago.
Im on my knees
Begging please

I dont think you know what you really mean to me.
Its like i make it hard to see
Baby im yours

I had that dream again where you left out there in the cold.
I woke up and found you
Tucked in right beside me
Like you were before.

Track Name: Bittersweet Love

Nobody said love was easy
Sometimes you feel like its impossible to please me
Run into the unknown
Your shield is a heart of stone

Can you love with a broken heart
How Can you love if its been hurting from the start
Love finds a way to heal the pain
So we can love again.

When worlds collide
Its tough yet it feels all right
hold on tight
As we take flight.

Bitter sweet love of mine
Sit with me
Lets talk over a glass of wine
Bitter sweet love of mine
As stars light up and shine